Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kelly in MN Bride

What better than some fresh pictures of Kelly in the Fall/Winter edition of MN Bride as a Wednesday pick-me-up? Not much. Just one more thing to heat up this least this is one we can appreciate! Amidst the sweltering heat, she looks sleek and oh-so-cool. Great job, Kelly!

MN Bride | Fall/Winter 2012
"Expect the Unexpected"
Model: Kelly
Photographer: Michael Haug
Creative Direction and Styling: Hollie Mae Schultz
Hair and Makeup: Fatima Olive
Stylist Assistants: AJ Lund, Katherine Marie Price
Retouching: Brenda Manthe

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ana Cristina in MN Bride

We're absolutely loving AC's spread in the fall/winter issue of MN Bride!  This girl is on fire!  Something tells us it will be a busy fall for her :)  More new work coming soon...

Minnesota Bride | Fall/Winter 2012
"The Lap of Luxury"
Model: Ana Cristina
Photographer: Lee Stanford
Producer/Stylist: Hollie Mae Schultz
Hair and Makeup: Andrea Holton
Styling assistants: AJ Lund, Katherine Marie Price
Retouching: Trev Fenner

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Twee and Erik in City Pages "What to Where"

Twee and Erik are a picture perfect couple in the Bastille Day installment of City Pages "What to Where"  We don't like to make a habit of using this word, but this is one of those rare cases where it is, in fact, the correct modifier--ADORABLE!

City Pages | "What to Where: Barbette, Bastille Day, Buffalo Exchange"
Models: Twee and Erik
Photographer: Corey TenoldStylist: Sarah Edwards
Assistant Stylists: Davee Ek & Vanessa Vander Weide
Hair Stylist: Amber Heckert
Makeup: Vor Lea Keo

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jessica Today for Cleobella Fall 2012

Here is Jessica Today for LA-based handmade accessory line Cleobella.  Designers Angela and Jim describe their brand as "nomadic, modern wildflower child-esque".  JT looks just exactly that for the fall 2012 lookbook...gorgeous.

Cleobella | Fall 2012 Lookbook
Model: Jessica Today

Monday, July 16, 2012

Melissa and Benjamin in BGF Mag

The debut issue of BGF Magazine features models Melissa and Benjamin in "Of Him & Her", a fashion story shot by local photographer Amy Gee.  They make a nice couple, no?

BGF Magazine | Summer 2012
"Of Him & Her"
Models: Melissa and Benjamin
Photographer: Amy Gee
Stylist: William Temple
Art Direction: Joan Erakit and Rommy Ahmed

Ana Cristina BGF Mag Cover and Spread

We're absolutely thrilled to have three of our models in the first issue of Joan Erakit's BGF Magazine.  In the issue's first editorial, "Small Town Living", Ana Cristina wears "light and fluttery silhouettes of summer"--a nice and fresh perspective on that Americana look. 

Congrats to AC on her first cover and spread :)

BGF Magazine | Summer 2012
"Small Town Living" 
Model: Ana Cristina
Photographer: Amy Gee
Stylist: William Temple
Art Direction: Joan Erakit

Monday, July 2, 2012

Jessica Today by Jena Ardell for Petrichor Mag

LOVE Jessica Today in this summery vintage polaroid series by Jena Ardell for Petrichor Mag.

Petrichor Magazine June 15, 2012 | "Isolate"
Model: Jessica Today
Photographer: Jena Ardell
Styling: Jena Ardell
Hair: Cantrell Mitchell Jr.
Makeup: Amanda Nilo
Printing and location: Robert Townsend

Kara by Tiffany Nicholson for Petrichor Magazine

Check out Kara's latest, "Crimson", shot in Chicago by Tiffany Nicholson for Petrichor Magazine.  The girl was born to wear red!

Petrichor Magazine July 1, 2012 | "Crimson"
Model: Kara
Photographer: Tiffany Nicholson
Styling: Clarissa V. Pierre
Hair and Makeup: Loni Hale