Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lily: Greatest Hits 2009

Mention the name "Lily" and one immediately thinks of the sweet, delicate flower. Our Lily can certainly be described as that, but it takes a lot more than sweetness to book the most work, do the most shows, test with the most photographers, and consistently put out beautiful images. Local stylist/blogger Jahna Peloquin recently named Lily as one of Minneapolis' top models of the decade. Cheers, Lily. Your success is well deserved.

Ph: Melissa Kimbro

Ph: Filipe Marques

Ph: Kate Iverson

Ph: Miles Schuster

Hair Candy
Ph: Lee Stanford

Ph: Carlos Gonzalez

Ph: Wade Gunderson

Ph: Josh Stokes

Ph: Bernie de Belles

Ph: Wade Gunderson


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