Thursday, August 26, 2010

Raina update and photos

The girl never stops working! Be sure to check out her blog, where she shares stories of her travels and the hustle that is the model life. Raina recently shot her first international campaign for Symphony. You can find the campaign here, and her recount of the +100° Dubai shoot here.

Recently back in Minneapolis for a few weeks, Raina shot with local photographer Miles Schuster. The two have had many collaborations over the past couple of years and were working together when Raina was just starting out. The collabs are always delightful, and this one is no exception. We are really loving the first photo where Raina is so very 90s supermodel, in the absolute best sort of way.

Model: Raina
Photographer: Miles Schuster
Makeup: Allison AuBuchon

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