Thursday, May 24, 2012

Alexander, Ana Cristina, and Tasia for "What to Where" Vol. 1

Last Thursday was the first installment of City Pages' "What To Wear", "a new feature highlighting the Twin Cities' best clothing boutiques, special events, and foods for Summer 2012".  Looking forward to seeing more from this team on a twice monthly basis!

City Pages | What to Where
Volume 1: Rewind Vintage, Art-A-Whirl, Anchor

Models: Alexander, Ana Cristina, and Tasia
Photographer: Corey Tenold
Article: Sarah Edwards
Stylists: Davee Ek and Sarah Edwards
Set Stylist: Melinda Guajardo
Hair/Makeup: Heather Niederjohn
Hair/Makeup Assist: Korryn Adams

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